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    Idrobenne gibt Ihnen die Möglichkeit, zu versuchen das Produkt je nach Ihren Bedürfnissen ! Wählen Sie die Produktsucheweise, die Sie vorziehen.  
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8 - 11 November 2016, Rimini (Italy)
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Service nach Verkauf

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 Wir danken Ihnen für Ihre Geduld  und hoffen Sie auf unserer Website wieder willkommen zu heißen.

A quality product must be supported by a good after sale service. This must not be intended as a simple problem-solving package, but as a way get the best results out of any tool.

That’s why the Company gives a lot of importance to customer’s assistance.

Quick and clear answersInstallers and operators know that they can count on a quick response to any question concerning Idrobenne’s grapples. The Company’s experienced and skilled staff is able to understand and analyse any difficulty and to give quick answers. The priority is always given to assistance, in order to avoid any machine downtime.

After sale service
Through its commercial and technical departments, IDROBENNE provides all information on mounting, tuning, use and servicing of any grab delivered.

  La qualità

Idrobenne can take care of the most difficult maintenance operations in its own workshop. This makes repair operations or general machine overhaul very quick and precise. Official Idrobenne dealers can take care of any maintenance operations as well.

Spare parts
The Company keeps on stock almost any spare part for the equipment sold in the previous 10 years. This enables the Company to provide a fast response to our customers when required, thereby helping to avoid expensive machine downtime. A use and servicing handbook complete of CE certificate, drawing and spare parts list is delivered with each


equipment. A serial number is assigned to the equipments to clearly identify model and customer, which is referred to.

IDROBENNE grants clear and easy to understand warranty conditions, which cover any equipment for 12 months. This has helped creating a solid relationship between our end-users and us. Please login to

download the warranty sheet.
when required, thereby helping to avoid expensive machine

Via I maggio, n.1/9 - 25010 Isorella (Brescia)

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